Are you a multi-disciplinary service provider?

We co-locate with South Coast Speech Pathology. All enquiries for Speech Pathology Services need to be made directly to South Coast Speech Pathology – contact@southcoastspeech.com.au

How are payments for sessions made?

We ask that payment for all clinic appointments are made on the day of the appointment, for all private and self-managed clients. We do not hold any cash on our premise but have eftpos facilities available. All plan-managed clients will receive an invoice sent to their nominated provider after their appointment.

Can Occupational Therapy sessions be claimed on Medicare?

Up to 5 sessions can be claimed through Medicare with a Chronic Disease Management form provided by your GP, at their discretion. Sessions may also be claimed through Private Health Funds depending on the level of cover you have.

Is Coast and Country Occupational Therapy an NDIS registered provider?

We are not a registered NDIS provider which means we cannot provide services to any NDIA managed participants. We can offer services to NDIS Plan Managed and NDIS Self-Managed participants.

How long until my child can be seen by an Occupational Therapist?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a timeframe of when your child will engage with a therapist. Follow our social media pages for regular updates regarding the waitlist and any upcoming group/specific therapy sessions that may be on offer.

Can you offer Surfing to my child?

One of our casual therapists, Gabbie offers a Surf Therapy Program for people living with a disability called Beach Break Occupational Therapy. Beach Break is a separate business therefore all enquiries can be made via her website at https://www.beachbreakot.com.

How do I know my child will be safe with your therapists?

We are a child safe organisation, which means we have made a commitment to go above and beyond legislation to ensure every child is provided with a safe environment to undertake therapy. All employees are screened and must have a Working with Children Checks verified, Criminal and References checked before commencing. All employees must also obtain Mandatory Child Reporting Certificate and Child Safe training at time of induction. We regularly meet to discuss new legislations and to reflect on the Child Safe Standards to ensure we are following our commitment in keeping children safe. If you would like further information regarding our Child Safety Policy, please contact us for our Child Safe parent information booklet.

Are therapists trained in Sensory Integration Therapy?

No. Coast and Country Occupational Therapy predominantly works from a top-down approach to therapy. This means, our starting point is usually occupation-based rather than foundation skills-based. If you are specifically seeking a sensory assessment or ongoing sensory integration therapy we may not be the best fit for your needs.

Are you able to see my child at school?

We often conduct sessions at school, however this is not decided as a matter of convenience. If the goals for you or your child:

  • Are related specifically to school work OR performing in the school environment,
  • Relate to supporting your child’s Individualised Education Plan, and
  • Educators are willing and available for consultation and collaboration to apply therapy suggestions into classroom practice,

Then school therapy may be considered. Face to face time with your child will likely be shorter (usually 30 minutes) so that the necessary communication between educators and carers can take place and therapy can be most effective.

Are carers required to be present during sessions?

Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend carers’ active participation. If your child is highly motivated to work on goals they themselves have identified and are at least an upper-primary age, then 1:1 sessions can work with parent feedback afterwards. If goals relate to home routines, regulation or behaviours it will be recommended that carers attend and actively participate in their child’s therapy.


Occupational Therapy assessments and therapy can be accessed by:

  • Self-managed and plan-managed NDIS funding plans.
  • Chronic Disease Management Plan. A Chronic Disease Management Plan can be accessed after a referral from your GP. This allows up to 5 occupational therapy sessions to be claimed under a Medicare rebate.
  • Private paying clients
  • Some private health providers offer a rebate of sessions with an Occupational Therapist. Please confirm this with your provider before you contact us.
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Making Appointments

Firstly, please complete the ‘Can We Help’ link. Once we receive the completed form, a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss appointment options.


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